Hi ! My name is Shuran Tang (唐舒然).

I am a master  student of Magdeburg in Germany, majoring in Electrical Engineer and Information Technology.

Currently, i am having internship in Huawei European Research Center as IT support.




psu (5) I am born in Dongying, a city of Shandong Province in China. Its economy is mostly based on the oil industry. My parents are both employees of China Petroleum Corporation.

Due to the busy work of my parents, they do not have time to look after me. After my birth, my grandma took me another province named “Hubei”, and grow me there.

I almost spent the same time in these two provinces during my growth, so whenever someone ask me “Where is your hometown ?”, i just say “both Shandong and Hubei”.
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Look at the picture, you can easily find that,how naughty was i. Whenever my grandma tried to find me, i was always on a wall or a tree, imagining that i am a monkey. The only thing can make me quiet is a series of books named “Hundred Thousand Whys”, the popular science reading, which is a gift from my parents.

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At that time i was fascinated by “Kung Fu”, Jackie Chan became my favorite idol. But it turns to be Arnold Schwarzenegger after i watch the movie “True Lies”.

When i was about 4 or 5 years old, my uncle opened a video tape leasing shop. Of course, the videos are free for me.Since then, i began to build my taste for movies.

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On the children’s day, the teachers in kindergarten organized us to make performance for our parents. I danced with a girl named “Wu Siwen”. At that time , i did’t find the loveliness of girls. What a pity for me~~


After primary school 2nd grade, i was transferred from Hubei to Shandong. Another Province, another school, everything is too strange for me. I was too young to look after myself in the school. Finally after one semester, my parents had to send me back to my grandma. My youngest aunt accompanied me to find a good school in the a bigger town. I got high score there, and was selected as student delegate and compere of the students’ performance party. At that time, i was used to draw a lot of attention from my classmates and teachers.

Middle School

After my primary school graduation, i was transferred to Shandong again, and had junior middle school in a small town named “Yang Kou”. At the beginning, i was left behind, because i didn’t learn anything about subject “English” in my primary school. However, it did not take me long to catch up. Again, i became one of the top students there.

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The town “Yang Kou” is a fishing port, and it based its economy on fishery.  The land there is full of saline-alkali, so people can not grow any crops.        Although my father works as an engineer in the petroleum company, but he is also good at fishing. Occasionally he took me with him and fish together.

There are also a lot of small crabs on the muddy beach.It was really interesting for me to catch these crabs and ask mam to cook them.




But there were some bad senior students, who enjoyed bullying lower grade kids. After the day i was robbed by one of them, my parents decided to transfer me to another school.

In the new middle school, as an newcome outsider, i was under heavy social pressure. I did not know how to deal with this issue. So i turned myself into books at my spare time.Additionally, my mother worked as librarian then, and she encouraged me to get more reading. Gradually, i cultivated reading as one of my hobbies.

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Every time my parents traveled, they took  me with them. They think, it is a way to widen my eyesight.

This photo was taken when we were in the “Jiuzhaigou” Valley of Sichuan province.

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One thing i will never forget is my 14th birthday. My mother and teachers organized a party for me. My mom and grandma treated every student of my class with a cake.Soon after the birthday song, my naughty nature helped me to turn the cakes into mess on our faces.

Actually,  at that time i did not feel happy but a little strange. But now i can understand the effort, that my mother spent to make me feel warm and happy.

At my last year in Junior high middle school, i was selected to take part in the Physics Olympiad and Chemical Olympiad. And I got second class prizes in the competition.Therefore, I was given 20 extra points for the high middle school entrance exam. After the exam, i was distributed to the so called “experimental class”.

The competition in the university entrance exam is very fierce. My classmates and i spend a lot of time to prepare for it. Finally, i got accepted by Electromechanical college of the Qingdao University of Science and Technology as a student in major of Industrial Design.

College Life

As a reverse effect of my hard time in the high school, i spent most of my time in online games, such as Dota and 梦幻西游,   at my first year in university. I really enjoyed the games. I built my team in 梦幻西游, and ranked first in the PvP battle field. At the second year, i realized the importance of real life. Then i trended to read more books and participate more social activities. I sold my games account for 20000¥. That was not a small number for a student.

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I didn’t restricted my reading in the technical books. Instead, i am curious about wide subjects, such as philosophy, Psychology, History,Sociology and Economy.The most important  insight i got from the endless reading is that, i realized the ignorance of myself and the potential of people.


At the third year, i decided to further my education. Therefore, i prepared for the documents, which is needed for the application of master program in Germany.However, at the same time, i also prepared for the master entrance exam of China, because i did not know whether my application would succeed or not.


At last, all my effort deserves what it bring me back. My application was accepted by the Otto-von-Guericke-Universität in Magdeburg. I also got accepted as a master student in Qingdao. In consequence, i had to make a choice. After a period consideration, i chose a way with more uncertainty and probability–Europe.


In the July 2013, i obtained my bachelor’s degree of Engineering.

In the October 2013, i enrolled as a master student of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Germany.

Master Study

I chose EEIT as my master major, because i wanted to learn some hard core knowledge.

After a while, i found that our syllabus is designed to make us understand the general principles of different subjects. And it is not supposed to teach us practical real world skills. Generally speaking, these courses widen my technical eyesight, and help me to find the underlying connection between different electrical engineer and computer science.

I did not emphasize too much on my GPA. Instead, i am always exploring the technical trends and tools. During my learning, i am obsessed by the programming language–python. It has active community, millions of convenient libraries, and human friendly syntax.

With the help of python, i began to learn data analysis and machine learning in the MOOC website “Udacity” one year ago. At the same time, i began to work as a research assistant in my college. For this job, i am required to make simulation model for the computational electromagnetic field, and make data visualization for the model.  I have uploaded all my codes in my github. Some of the projects or works i have done can be found in this page (working on).


I like to travel in the holidays. This photo was shot when i was in Iceland.Since my mother bought me first camera when i was a undergraduate student, photography became my most important hobby. Some of my products could be seen in the gallery.



At the beginning of 2016, i had finished all the courses required for the master program.

My story is still going on~~

Thank you for your watching.


Shuran Tang